Volume RV MTF

Volume RV TF Indicator is a trend-following forex trading indicator which is able to monitor the market trends very closely.

Volume RV MTF Indicator is applicable to trade all kinds of forex currency pairs and suits well with all sorts of timeframe.

Volume RV MTF bars turn positive along with upward arrow below the price bar is considered as the buy signal with the confirmation of the bullish trend. 

For sell entries, Volume RV MTF bars should be turned as negative and the signal arrow should be above the price bars at the same time. Both signals arrows and Volume bar signals should be matched before confirming any market entry.

Buy Conditions
•  The Indicator bars turn positive
•  Signal Arrow appears below the price bars
•  Set stop loss below the Signal Arrow
•  Exit long/take profit whenever a downward signal arrow appears above the price bar

Sell Conditions
•  The Indicator bars turn negative
•  Signal Arrow appears above the price bars
•  Set stop loss above the Signal Arrow
•  Exit short/take profit whenever an upward signal arrow appears below the price bar