Kase Permission Stochastic Smoothed

Kase Permission Stochastic Smoothed is an alternative approach to applying Stochastics in forex trading. Its developer has created an innovative way to signal the overbought/oversold conditions and the market trends at the same time. 
Kase Permission Stochastic Smoothed allows you to make both swing and trend-following tradings. 

Buy Conditions:
- Pst-X5 moves above Pst-L9
- Kase Permission value decreases up to 25
- Set stop loss below the recent low of the market
- Exit long/take profit whenever Pst-X5 value turns lower than Pst-L9

Sell Conditions:
- Pst-L9 moves above Pst-X5
- Kase Permission value increases up to 75
- Set stop loss above the recent high of the market
- Exit short/take profit whenever Pst-L9 value turns lower than Pst-X5