MMFX Investment PAMM

MMFX Investment Service 
MMFX Team worked so hard past 3 yrs to develop its solid automatic system to satisfy a wide range of investors who wants a high monthly return, acceptable medium risk, and Transparency.

For who we offer Investment Service 
* Experience Professional Traders who do not have enough time to trade our signals and follow the market 
* Medium Experience Traders who were Tired from Trading stress and couldn't manage FX signals and take the maximum profit.
* Novice Traders who lost on the huge market, signal providers, still learning basics of technical analysis or don't have time to Learn 
Terms and Conditions
   Monthly Profits = 100-200% (according market volatility and portfolio size) 
   Profit share = 40% MMFX (Broker control profit sharing)
  Profit withdraw = Monthly 
  Minimum Portfolio Balance =500 $

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How to start 
Register here
your account must be (MT4 Pro, Leverage =1:500, Currency =American Dollar)
Fund Investment money by any way you prefer

Then Join MM-MMFXInvestment PAMM
During some working hours Invested money will move to MMFX PAMM System 

for any questions please contact @MMFX_10 on Telegram